Safety Planning

Safety Planning is BEST done in collaboration with a trained advocate. DAIS recommends you begin with a call to our Help Line at
(608) 251-4445, or Text (608) 420-4638.

What is a safety plan?


A safety plan is a personalized, practical plan to improve your safety while experiencing abuse, preparing to leave an abusive situation, or after you leave. This plan includes vital information tailored to your unique situation and will help you prepare for and respond to different scenarios, including telling your friends and family about your situation, coping with emotions, and various resources suited to your individual circumstances.


Some of the preparations for a safety plan might seem obvious, but it can be hard to think clearly or make logical decisions during moments of crisis. Having a safety plan laid out in advance can help you protect yourself and others in high-stress situations.


Our safety planning resources outline important information to keep in mind while creating a safety plan. It may be useful for survivors, friends, family members, or others — anyone concerned about their safety or the safety of someone else.


Call our Help Line if you want to explore creating a safety plan.


Keep your safety in mind while browsing this website.


Our advocates are available 24/7 by phone at (608) 251-4445 or (800) 747-4045 to help you identify ways to take extra precautions when using technology.

making a phone call

Your computer and cell phone use can be monitored without you knowing it.


Your history can never be completely erased from a computer or device, even if you browse in “private” or “incognito” mode.


Email can be intercepted like physical mail.


Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers can be placed in your car or on items like your purse or cell phone.


Some court systems publish their records online, which could contain compromising personal information like names or addresses.




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