Help a
Loved One

Tools for helping victims of domestic violence


Are you worried a friend or family member may be involved in an abusive relationship? There are many steps you can take to help.


Most domestic violence victims feel very alone and confused as a result of the abuse. Victims often feel they have nowhere to turn – they may worry no one will believe them, they may blame themselves for the abuse, and they may fear their abuser will hurt them, their children, or their pets if they reveal the abuse to anyone outside their home.


You can take steps to help. Each of us has the power to reach out to someone we love and tell them that abuse is not their fault. Love shouldn’t hurt. And safety is possible.


Download these documents to learn more:


The DAIS Help Line is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We encourage you to call with any questions or fears you may be experiencing. Our trained Help Line Advocates are here to help. The Help Line can be reached at (608) 251-4445, or Text Line at (608) 420-4638.