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The family and criminal court systems can be overwhelming. DAIS is here to help. DAIS Legal Advocates can help you with restraining orders, accompany you to court, and help answer your legal-related questions. Legal Advocates are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice.


The information below describes the legal services we provide. If you need to speak with a Legal Advocate, please call our 24-Hour Help Line at  (608) 251-4445, or Text Line at (608) 420-4638, or email


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Restraining Order Assistance


DAIS Legal Advocates can help you file for a restraining order, plan for your safety, prepare for the final injunction hearing (for a long-term restraining order), provide support during the hearing, and offer advocacy in the civil court system.


There is more than one type of restraining order.  The Restraining Order Grid explains differences between Domestic Abuse and Harassment Restraining Orders, including the protections they offer and who is eligible. Restraining orders also exist for child abuse and individuals at risk.  A Legal Advocate can provide information about these restraining orders.


A restraining order cannot guarantee your safety.  Developing a safety plan is an important part of the restraining order process.


How to Get a Restraining Order


Please click on the following links to learn more about what to expect when you file for a restraining order.  Getting a restraining order is a two-part process.  First, a temporary restraining order (TRO) is granted.  Then, if the person requesting a restraining order wants a longer-term restraining order (injunction), s/he must come back to court for a hearing in front of a judge.


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