Our New Home

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The New DAIS

In August 2014, DAIS opened the doors to our new home at 2102 Fordem Avenue – a dream many years in the making. This new home represented many new changes for DAIS – not only did it expand the shelter capacity from 25 beds to 56, it also provided more space for DAIS programming. This facility also marked a new era for DAIS, with the organization moving from a confidential location to a very public one on Madison’s north side.

The change from a confidential location to a public one was a decision that was made in light of national trends for domestic violence shelters. In moving to a public location, DAIS could a more visible security system, garner neighborhood support, and send an important message to victims – that this is a community that openly and visibly supports them.

With the help of WhirligigHD, we have created virtual tours of the facility. You can view them at the links below:

Watch a virtual tour of the shelter.

Watch a virtual tour of our program space and offices.

Tour Requests

Though the facility is public (meaning the location is known) versus undisclosed (meaning the location was hidden), access to the building is still restricted to protect the safety, security and confidentiality of all of its users. We have very limited ability to offer tours and they are primarily given by invitation only.

If you would like more information about a tour, please contact with Tour Request in the subject line.

Meetings at the DAIS Facility

We are fortunate to have a new facility that offers ample meeting space for our staff, clients and community partners. We often receive requests to hold meetings at our facility and while we would like to accommodate all of them, we are only able to accommodate one-time meeting space rentals due to the twenty-four hour operational needs of our clients and staff.

If you are interested in holding a meeting at DAIS please contact with Community Meeting Request in the subject line.

The Old DAIS

The old facility was housed in two, single-family homes cobbled together to accommodate DAIS with administrative services, program services and shelter space. When we began our capital campaign to build a new shelter and home for DAIS, not one more computer could be added to the electrical system and the shelter only had six bedrooms and two bathrooms for the 25 shelter residents.

See the old shelter – watch a video by John Urban about the space. 

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