Hosting a Table at the Celebrate Independence Luncheon

Being a DAIS advocate just got easier & more affordable!
Tables cost $320, only $40 per person to honor our 40th Anniversary. Help us introduce new people to the DAIS family by hosting a table with 7 of your friends!

Your Role as a Table Captain:

Buy Your Table
In honor of our 40th Anniversary, tables cost $320, which is only $40 per person.
Click here to buy your table.

Fill Your Table of 8
Invite neighbors, colleagues, friends, and relatives to join you at your table. Help us fill the room with new friends and supporters.

Inspire Your Table
Our goal is for guests to leave inspired to act on behalf of victims, survivors, and the vision of a nonviolent community. Help turn your guests into advocates by encouraging them to make a gift of at least $40 to DAIS at the event.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why host a table?
By hosting a table, and standing up as an advocate for DAIS  – you will help those affected by domestic violence to reclaim their power, gain confidence, make their own decisions and achieve hope and safety. You will help DAIS change lives.

How do I give DAIS my list of 8 attendees?
You can email your guest list to or fill out the registration form when you purchase your table.

How much of my guest’s donations go to DAIS Programming?
Because of generous sponsorship of the Celebrate Independence Luncheon, 100% of donations made at the event will go to support lifesaving programs at DAIS.

Can I purchase a table if I am unable to attend the event?

Absolutely!  That table can be donated back to DAIS for staff and volunteers to have sponsored seats. Click here to buy your table.

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