DAIS Allies for Healthy Masculinity

DAIS Allies for Healthy Masculinity

Men, we need you as allies in our fight to end domestic abuse. We believe that the majority of men can play a role in ending violence against women.  DAIS Allies for Healthy Masculinity will shift the conversation in Dane County from viewing domestic abuse as a women’s issue to a community issue. DAIS Allies engage in our community through education, awareness, and social change.

Everyone can help build a community and a culture that supports healthy masculinity. We can accomplish this by engaging men in the movement to end domestic abuse, asking them to serve as allies in supporting the DAIS mission, and helping transform community attitudes that perpetuate violence.

Here is how you can get involved with the DAIS Allies for Healthy Masculinity:

  1. Take the pledge.
  2. Donate your time, money, or in-kind donations.
  3. Share this message with male friends, family members, and coworkers.
  4. Host a workshop, training, or presentation at your workplace or community group.
  5. Participate in ongoing education about masculinity, gender-based violence, bystander intervention, and prevention initiatives.
  6. Attend DAIS community education events on prevention and healthy masculinity.
  7. Challenge sexist attitudes or language when you hear it.
  8. Believe victims.
  9. Learn how to support a friend or family member.

Your support makes a difference and has a ripple effect in the community. Your act of helping one leads to the impact of helping all. One. And for all.

One. And for all.

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