DAIS provides community-based, collaborative primary prevention programming that seeks to eradicate domestic and sexual violence through social change and community building.  Working within educational and community-based settings, the overarching focus is identifying and eliminating the root causes that support the abuse of power and control in intimate relationships.

Primary Prevention

Primary prevention seeks to reduce the likelihood that anyone will become a victim or perpetrator of intimate partner violence by creating conditions that make violence less likely to occur.

Approaches to primary prevention focus on reducing risk factors associated with the perpetration of domestic and sexual violence as well as changing social norms that support and promote violence.

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 Program Objectives

The objectives of DAIS’ Prevention Program is to:

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1 in 3 students report experiencing some form of abuse, and over 80% of high school counselors reported feeling unprepared to address incidents of abuse on their school campus. Is your staff that works with teens prepared to handle a disclosure? Do the teens you work with know the signs of abuse and what resources are available to them?

Adults in schools and in the community can serve as a powerful resource for teens who are experiencing or know someone who is experiencing dating violence.  The way a disclosure is handled can deeply impact whether a victim will continue to seek help.  In 2015, DAIS has created a goal to reach as many teens and adults who work with teens as possible to develop a community that is prepared to actively address the epidemic of teen dating violence.  All trainings are free of charge. The staff training includes basic information about dating violence, how to appropriately and compassionately handle a disclosure, how to screen teen clients for current or past violence, and information about community resources available specifically for teens. Trainings for a teen audience include discussions about healthy emotional and sexual relationships, how to help a friend, and information on where to go for help.

An hour allotted for training is preferred, but we are able and willing to work with your time restrictions.  Please email the DAIS Prevention and Education Advocate, , to learn more about our programming or schedule a training.

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MENS is one of DAIS’ main prevention initiatives.  MENS, which stands for Men Encouraging Nonviolent Strength, works with high school aged male youth and provides a minimum of 10 sessions that focus on gender roles and expectations, communication, conflict resolution, and healthy and less-healthy relationships.  Each session is discussion and activity-based and is about 50 minutes long.  Sessions are co-facilitated by DAIS and school/organization staff, and encourage peer leadership.

MENS participants have presented to fellow students and faculty, middle school students and state-wide audiences at conferences about what they’ve learned during their MENS experience. The current MENS partner sites include:

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Learn More

Please contact the Prevention Program Coordinator at 608-251-1237 ext. 306 for more information and about ways to get involved.

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Additional Resources

For more information about the prevention of domestic violence, please visit the following web sites:

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