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Community support is essential to us. Your financial support enables DAIS to meet a wide variety of emergency needs for adults and children escaping domestic violence, and helps us make our community a safer, more equitable place for everyone.

Learn more about DAIS programs and how your gift helps by downloading our donor packet.

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There are many ways to make a financial contribution. Pick the right way that works for you. You can choose to support DAIS programs and services through a donation to our Annual Fund, or you can support our Capital Campaign to build a new facility. Options to consider:

  • Make a donation online.
  • Set up an recurring gift to DAIS on a quarterly, monthly or even weekly basis. For your convenience  you can now do this online.
  • Make a gift in memory or honor of a special loved one! Your honoree will be featured in the next edition of our newsletter.
  • Through your estate: Read more about how to include DAIS in your estate planning.
  • Mail your donation to DAIS, P.O. Box 1761 Madison, WI 53701.

How Your Gift Helps

Gifts of all sizes can make a huge difference. For example:

  • $20,000 covers the DAIS Direct Aid transportation budget for year. This program helps survivors relocate to escape their abusers; supports taxi fare for women coming into shelter, often from the emergency room; and provides transportation for victims and their children who attend the DAIS support groups, meet with DAIS legal advocates, or meet with DAIS crisis response advocates for emergency safety planning.
  •  $5,000 covers the cost of program supplies for the entire organization for a year. Program supplies include such things as educational toys and games for the children’s program, cleaning supplies and paper products for the shelter, snacks and training materials for volunteer trainings, and educational materials and handouts for support groups and crisis response appointments.
  • $1,000 pays for 2 weeks of coverage for the 24-hour Help/Crisis Line.
  • $500 covers the cost of food for 25 shelter residents for one week.
  • $250 covers a year’s worth of arts and crafts supplies to allow children to engage in positive activities and express their feelings during children’s programming time.
  • $100 buys 50 tear off posters for area hospitals, clinics, and community centers.
  • $50 covers the cost of a lock change to help a domestic violence victim stay safely in her/his home.
  • $12 helps a survivor obtain a copy of her/his child’s birth certificate, so s/he can access government assistance.
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