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Check out a list of participating salons here.

Spring is about change – big change – and this year you can help support victims of domestic violence who have made life changing moves toward a fresh start.

Soon the DAIS Capital Campaign will be over and domestic violence victims and survivors who have summoned the courage to leave their homes will find safety and hope at the new DAIS shelter on Fordem Avenue in Madison. They will call this shelter home before they move on to the next chapter of their lives. With your help, they will also find La Petite Salon – not so much a real salon but a place to have a salon experience within the walls where they feel safe.

Even if we never experienced domestic violence first hand, we know that spring brings hope, that everyone can dos something to make a difference and seldom does anything good ever come out of a bad hair day.

Now imagine how hard a bad hair day would be for a woman seeking refuge from a violent relationship who now faces:

Challenging days like those require all of the self-esteem and confidence possible. And we all know, confidence in your appearance helps.

That’s where you come in – DAIS is looking for salons to participate in A ‘DO for DAIS Week. 

Salons can participate in A ‘DO for DAIS Week in any way they choose -learn more about the possibilities here.

By participating in A ‘DO for DAIS Week, you can help build and support
La Petite Salon and DAIS clients. Although the new salon will be very small it will provide a very big boost to those who need it most. A little pampering goes a long way, especially in a place where she feels safe and secure. Imagine how she might feel knowing that her community came together to make sure there was a such a place.

If you are a salon who would like to participate – or if you know a stylist, barber or beauty professional who would like to help -check out the A ‘DO for DAIS informational packet and please contact Jamie by or by calling 608-338-1045.

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