40 Years Closer

40 Years Closer to a Community of
Safety, Peace, Justice, and Hope

Over the past 40 years, thanks to the actions of so many in our community, DAIS has grown from a volunteer run help line in a church basement into the DAIS we know today – a public organization that offers community based intervention services including a 24-Hour Help Line, weekly support groups, legal advocacy, children’s programming, and we look toward the future by offering prevention education and awareness programming. Most notably, DAIS continues to operate the only domestic violence shelter in Dane County in our beautiful new home on Fordem Avenue.

Even so, there are certain truths that are still hard to live with. One in four women and one in seven men will experience domestic violence in our community. Each year, approximately 1/3 of all referrals to the Dane County District Attorney’s office are domestic violence related. With these numbers, DAIS estimates that there are 12,000 incidents of domestic violence in Dane County annually, on average 33 per day. Even though DAIS more than doubled the number of beds in our shelter in 2014, the DAIS shelter is full every day.  Last year, 66% of our shelter population were African American women and 53% of our shelter population were parents that had their children with them. DAIS exists because we have to.

DAIS has been, and continues to, face these hard truths head on. Today, we are 40 Years Closer to achieving our vision of a community that actively promotes safety, peace, justice and hope. DAIS provides a holistic approach to prevention, intervention, and ongoing healing support. Everyone deserves safety and hope and DAIS helps give that.

DAIS cannot do this work alone; it requires a continuum of services beyond our doors to meet the complex needs that our clients face. With your help our community can fulfill its promise of a good life for everyone who calls Dane County home. With your help, victims of domestic violence will see themselves as survivors. With your help, DAIS can not only help victims survive, but help them thrive.

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